Shed roof felting

Portishead Shed roof felting.


This customer had a leaky shed roof so we came round and removed the old felt and then installed new felt, this should give the shed a new lease of life.

Garden management and installations in North Somerset

garden management and installations North Somerset
Fencing, decking and garden installations with  Nigel

My name is Nigel Hammond and fencing, decking and garden installations in North Somerset is my forte.

I live in Nailsea with my wife and two young children. On the weekends I’m either sailing, canoeing or out with my family somewhere pleasant such as the Bristol Harbourside.

My work coffee is a Black Americano with no sugar and my favourite dish is a hot curry from my local curry house. On the rare occasion, I have some spare time I enjoy a cold beer with friends in my local pub.

Before Barn Owl I was a social photographer, but I was never very good at getting kids to sit still and smile, so I felt a career change was needed.

My business is garden management and installations, I have approximately 400 customers across North Somerset, the main aspect of the work is fencing, decking and garden installations such as pergolas and garden offices.

I also have a small dedicated team that manage clients gardens on a biweekly basis, mowing their lawns, weeding, pruning and cutting hedges.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your project, I’ll bring the coffee

New hardwood deck.

This job took about 14 days but the finish is beautiful.  The hardwood deck has lovely tonal qualities.

A beautiful hardwood deck installed


Deck repair Backwell

This job started out as a simple repair and has now turned into a full reinstallation.  The problem was the joists under the deck were rotten and needed replacing.

Decking Backwell
This is the start of a big hardwood deck installation project in Backwell.

Decking Portishead


Just thought I would have a quick photo done with a small simple deck installed in Portishead.

Decking Portishead
Another nice and simple decking job in Portishead.

Panelled fence installation

I was trying to put a brave face on this job, which involved installing 23 panels of fencing in the rain.  That was a lot of digging but the garden looked great afterwards.

Fencing Clevedon
Installing a new panelled fence in the rain is very messy.

Fence repairs

This is the life, working outdoors repairing a fence in Backwell.

Fencing Backwell
Here James is repairing a fence in Backwell.

Team fencing photo

Before we could start the fence installation we had to fill in a pond which meant relocating all the frogs and fish to another pond and to make matters worse it started to rain.  Did we complain no we just posed for a photo and got on with it.

Fencing Nailsea
Here the team is preparing the ground ready to install a new fence.
Frog relloaction



Fencing Nailsea

 Here the customer wanted a new 6ft high feathered fence, this kind of fence provides plenty of privacy and is very strong.  The customer was so happy we had our photo done with it.

Fencing Bradley Stoke
Another happy customer after we installed her new feathered fence.



This might sound a bit obvious but it’s really important to ensure you use strong posts for your fence.  This is a 4x4inch post which will be installed 2ft into the ground ensuring the fence will be strong and very wind resistant.

Fencing Portishead
Just taking a moment to pose with the fecning post before installations starts